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The e-library gives you access to all Matrix-Q Research & Publications 1993-2010-2021

Matrix-Q Knowledge for talents, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators & impact-investors

We match your unique DNA with Matrix-Q e-publications, coach-trainers, mentors, tools, e-learning and training programs, according to your professional/business goals or skills needs

ROAD MAP 1993-2030

  • Matrix-Q Research Institute e-publications collections, 900+, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, since 1993.
  • From 2010 Luis has used self-publishing tools and platforms to share updates on his body of work, or internal publications for customers.
  • Luis did engage in private research and consultancy since 1993. (Private publications)
  • From 2016, at the time the Matrix-Q Research Institute was grounded in The Netherlands, Luis shared with a global and multidisciplinary network of scientific researchers, more than 300 e-publications, updates of his body of work. 
  • Access to collections and e-learning programs have been tested since 2015 by using diverse cloud based tools, including Gumroad 2020
  • Since 2020 December most of the e-publications accessible to the scientific research network has been placed off line and are not accessible any more for public
  • Since 2021 new publications are accessible only for members of the Matrix-Q Guild, or restricted to products and collections, e-learning, promoted at the Matrix-Q Market Place
  • The Matrix-Q e-Library Project will give access to all our publications again to public, through a new membership system, and with the collaboration of Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers and mentors, and the use of Matrix-Q Technology and methodology for accelerated holistic learning.
  • The project road map above, indicate stages we will accomplish and impact for 2030
  • The Matrix-Q e-Library will be accessible to Study Circles (Matrix-Q Akademia) Research Groups (Matrix-Q Research Institute) Open-Space (Matrix-Q Agora) Impact Projects (Matrix-Q Teams), Matrix-Q Ecosystem, network partners, collaboration projects, and talents, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and impact investors from all over


  • We utilize a data driven methodology for accelerated learning, thinking and behaviour change
  • In association with the Matrix-Q Akademia, our team of Matrix-Q Coach-trainers provide support, guidance, advice and hands-on direct experience of knowledge to the e-library subscribers
  • Our services are hybrid, involve smart applications, artificial intelligence, data-analytics (learning performance and learning capacity reports) and human connection (Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers / Mentors)
  • At the Matrix-Q e-Library you learn-play, research-play and work-play


  • Similar to the biological DNA, the Matrix-Q DNA can be read, triggered, modified, edited, upgraded.
  • The Matrix-Q DNA is a code that represents your unique signature, qualities, traits, strengths, blindspots, and challenges.
  • The Matrix-Q DNA is an holistic signature that describes your capacity and potential to enhance your own learning and innovation capacity


  • Our algorithms and data-driven tools, enable a short and long term analysis. 
  • We continuously generate data that register your changes and upgrades, and validate previously matched or new matching needs
  • We monitor your learning skills and capacity, strengths, barriers and challenges.
  • Our focus is to enhance your capacity and accelerate your learning
  • According to your own goals, our Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers will help you achieve the necessary thinking, ad behavior change, mindset adjustment.

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We provide a holistic balanced service dedicated to enhance and optimize your capacity to learn : feel, think, create, innovate, act, lead and invest with the knowledge acquired 

  • Matching services: according to your unique DNA, and learning capacity-history data, we match ideal learning activities, trainers, knowledge (learning content), learning skills enhancing practices (Matrix-Q Matching Tool)
  • A selected number of chapters and e-books, matched with your unique DNA, learning needs and goals for capacity building
  • Holistic Coaching-Training & Mentorship for learning, study circles, research projects, innovation teams, peer review (Matrix-Q Research Magazine)

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Its a coaching-training service which includes

  • Assessment (e-Test) Matrix-Q DNA
  • Learning capacity Matrix Check
  • Quick Advise : Key points for enhancement of the management of your learning skills ( Critical barriers and blind-spots)
  • Personal algorithm, focus : improve holistic learning skills, enhancement chances
  • Presentation: The Matrix-Q Learning Methodology & Tools
  • Suggestion of capacity building programs combined with coaching-training, to collaborate with the acceleration of the learning, perception and behavior changes necessary to optimize your learning skills  (12 steps programs, of 9+ modules, from 9 min training sessions daily to 9 hours (full day workshops) and 81 days capacity building programs)
  • Presentation ” How to become a Matrix-Q Learning Research & Innovation Coach-Trainer “
  • Matching services:  Your Matrix-Q DNA (Learning-Skills) vs Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer DNA

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  • We continuously publish new content and enhance our applications and services
  • Would you like to collaborate as a test user? 
  • Would you like to volunteer in the process of indexation, edition and publication of content?


  • Receive Matrix-Q e-Library services: assessment, coaching, training, reports free of charge; for as long as you continue using our services.


  • Fill out the test-user registration form
  • Conditions Group #1 : free of charge (For a limited number of testing subscribers)
  • Conditions Group #2 : You commit to plant trees together with us (Minimum fees) for only a max. number of subscribers

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  • We continuously produce new content and learning programs,  tools, smart applications, products, training content and services.
  • As we provide a multidisciplinary and holistic set of services and products we constantly look for new team members with holistic set of skills and knowledge
  • Would you like to collaborate as a coach-trainer?


  • Apply to become a coach-trainer, we will assign a mentor and design a personalised tailor-made program for you. 
  • You will join the Matrix-Q Guild association of professionals
  • Complete a Matrix-Q Self-education 101
  • Enrol as a test-user
  • Complete the training and gather the experience necessary to receive the Matrix-Q Certificates and Licenses for Trainers and Coaches, with focus in Matrix-Q Education Methodology 


  • Schedule time with us for Q&A, The application is done first at the Q&A session, then written, by e-mail sent to 
  • Fill out the test-user registration form
  • Conditions Group #1 : free of charge (For a limited number of testing subscribers)
  • Conditions Group #2 : You commit to plant trees together with us (Minimum fees) for only a max. number of subscribers

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