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We are launching the Matrix-Q e-Library Club – Reading ” The Primordial Economy or the Nature’s Economy”

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, author, multidisciplinary researcher, mentor, speaker, innovator, serial (multi-business) entrepreneur

I am glad to announce that this 2021 Spring we are launching the Matrix-Q e-Library.

From now one, new and experienced Matrix-Q users will enjoy the access to Matrix-Q e-Publications.

Since 2007, the author has been publishing more than 900 hours video and audio, 300 e-publications, 150 podcast tracks, media, animation, music, arts and storytelling.

The purpose of publishing Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Stories, Data, Systems, Standards; has been always to enable for Matrix-Q users, certificates and license holders, the possibility to advance their knowledge, and apply it.

It has been always my intention to create a legacy for future generations and i have been looking always for new alternatives and methodologies for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change, based on consciousness and self-awareness. With the Matrix-Q Methodology for holistic education we matched the United Nations Standard (Matrix-Q Akademia). With the Matrix-Q Play programs (work-play, learn-play) we have made our content, methodology and EduTech scalable.

Our next step is to activate the Matrix-Q e-Library and bring all our available and new publications to our new and already members.

Our vision is to change how content is experienced by readers, by enabling a space in which the author can be addressed, tell the story how related knowledge and applications has been upgraded, provide mentorship, group coaching and demo applications, play with the solutions.

At the Matrix-Q e-Library we can experience together with the author, knowledge, applications and solutions.

The Matrix-Q e-Library mission is to bridge the gap between information and application of the knowledge acquired. Enabling the creation of a positive impact with it.


For this purpose, we utilize the Matrix-Q DNA to match the members/uses with the right content, knowledge, tools, skills, e-learning, training programs, e-publications, and coach-trainers, mentors. So that we can tailor-made the content they receive according to the private, professional or business goals they have.


Along Matrix-Q Coach-training sessions, and Matrix-Q Play Sessions the Matrix-Q e-Library members receive also guidance on how to utilize the information they receive and find in the Matrix-Q e-Publications

Since the first digital publication, in 2007, the author dedicated its words and creativity to the future students, talents, entrepreneurs, innovators and impact investors, that will one day read the texts, listen to the audio materials or watch the video presentations, as complementary resource for their own individual or also collective journey


In Spring 2021 the author will invite members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem to attend the remote reading sessions, and join the Matrix-Q e-Library Club, with focus in a first book and its upgraded content.

The “Primordial Economy or Nature’s Economy” which was published few years ago. Including references to research and knowledge upgrades.

The author will read selected chapters, and focus in “Nature’s Economy” or the economy of nature. Giving examples on how in the wild forest, and tiny ecosystems, or within the human body, the Primordial Economy principles apply.

As well the author will open a discussion initiated at the Matrix-Q Research Institute and Matrix-Q Ecosystem about a new method for distribution of shares, utilizing the economy of biology and nature’s economy. Aiming to give light to the need of new approaches for perception of value, wealth generation, property, ownership. The author will suggest a new system for shared ownership, that instead of dividing (mechanist approach), it co-creates and increases value.

The Matrix-e e-Library club members will enjoy as well from a demo of the Matrix-Q GTE Tool, DNA, and Quantum Economy Workshop, along Matrix-Q Play sessions designed to demonstrate how to utilize in practical circumstances the Matrix-Q Quantum Economy (Primordial Economy or Economy of Nature)


The Matrix-Q e-Library Club members read together weekly at 11.00 AM and 18.00 CEST, here is our current schedule.


Get tickets or choose the membership you prefer.