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The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature’s Economy Handbook 01

The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature's Economy Handbook 01


Every Season, the author chooses an e-publication to read at the Matrix-Q e-Library Club

The topic varies, depending on the challenges or hot topics the Matrix-Q Ecosystem is experiencing along the season.

By attending to the club sessions, members enjoy of reading together with the author, asking questions, receiving group coaching, and also learning about the research and innovation updates.

From time to time the author will share a presentation or demo an application of the knowledge shared with a Matrix-Q Play Session.

A Matrix-Q Club session will be recorded, members receive access to the audio/video for later enjoyment or in the case they could not attend to one session.

As well members follow up in our online platform together, share insights and group learning process.

Members receive tokens for attending to the Matrix-Q e-Library Club sessions.

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