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The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature’s Economy Handbook 01

The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature's Economy Handbook 01

The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature’s Economy Handbook 01

The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature's Economy Handbook 01


The Matrix-Q Primordial Economy, or Nature’s Economy Handbook 01

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

e-Book format

INCLUDED in Chapters

  • The Primordial Economy, a new definition of wealth The 9 Classes o Primordial Wealth or Phenomena of Wealth
  • The Minimum Holistic Primordial Income
  • Calculation of Value of Things through 9 classes of phenomena of wealth
  • The Global Citizen Rank (Score Card) and its application for the calculation of universal wages.
  • The Ancient civilizations /cultures practices on wealth (CGE)
  • The 9 Pillars of engagement, used for the assessment of a global citizen rank
  • The 9+ Stages of human potential development and their impact in the global economy.
  • The Upgrade of Democracy, the Democracy Theta & The Primordial Economy The Handbook 0.1

The author review a case study: The LDMF Foundation and the Matrix-Q Research Institute has published a document dedicated to the gamification of the household of its organization. A set or rules, guidelines and definitions which integrate the Primordial Economy knowledge into the management guidelines of the LDMF Foundation.  (The PDF is available at the Matrix-Q e-Library)

The Primordial Economy Handbook is the second official publication of the LDMF Foundation dedicated to an holistic synergetic and nature inspired economy, which utilizes a systemic perception tool (9 classes) for the organization of human, natural and artificial phenomena.

The systemic perception tool utilized is that one of the 9 elements, 9 classes, 9 cyphers, or 9 dimensions of experience, 9 activities, or 09 principles, 9 jewels or 9 wealths. For more details about the 9 Cyphers, and human evolution time line, perception of value and emotional intelligence please visit the e-learning program.

According to 9 levels of impact or risk management (See Matrix-Q GTE Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship, Quantum Business Tool)  the systemic perception tool can be utilized for the purpose of study of the impact of the 9 cyphers in the process of development of a culture, and its civilization, (or in that one the individual, family, or community)

For the purpose of study of the 9 realms of wealth, the definition of primordial wealth will be utilized, or the nature’s economy wealth.

The LDMF Foundation has published a training program on wealth generation “Holistic wealthability” and content of its research results on emotional intelligence perception and wealth generation ability. The knowledge of the Primordial Wealth is essential for the practice of the Primordial Economy

UPDATED 2016-2021

The Matrix-Q Quantum Economy model is now being utilized for the administration of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem household. Following up the study of the economy of nature or nature’s economy, the author arrived to the conclusion that a new economy needs of the use of quantum thinking tools, not only quantum computing or artificial intelligence the emulates quantum thinking but also human species learning about their natural ability of “Quantum-Thinking” for which Matrix-Q Thinking Tool & Skills and training program is provided, which has helped the Matrix-Q Ecosystem to design a tokenized and gamified economy, holistic, minimalist, regenerative, circular; as well as new workshop ” Matrix-Q Quantum Economy“.